In 2015, the alcoholic drinks company Moonshine Drinks returned to its East Midlands roots and asked Phoenix to help it increase production and expand the storage capacity for its new range of patented home brew beers, ciders and wines.

After an influx of orders for these products, Moonshine needed a contracting service that would be able to begin almost immediately: our flexible way of working meant that an initial production run, which involved a delicate 16-hour filling process, was started just four days after the deal was agreed.

Our ability to process, fill and pack a product all on one site in Nottinghamshire was a big draw for them. A tour of our factory was the perfect opportunity to demonstrate exactly how we could reduce their transportation costs and improve the timescales involved in their production processes.

“Being able to get everything done under one roof was a real selling point. Phoenix ticked all of the boxes for us, they’ve always been happy to work at our pace as we launch new products and we’ve liked the way they work right from the start.”
(Ian Walker, MD Moonshine)

Moonshine Drinks was seeking a supplier that would be able to understand and accommodate its extensive growth in the future. Our factory’s capacity, coupled with our recent six-figure investment in technology, reassured them that we could meet their ambitions.

More than 30 production runs were completed in the first year alone, filled and packed at our Nottinghamshire site before being despatched to Lakeland stores, garden centres and independent retailers across the UK.

After demonstrating our abilities we’re now responsible for Moonshine’s entire production and material supply chain.