Quality control begins well before the pressing stage when we thoroughly audit all of our suppliers. We do this to ensure their seeds and oils meet our standards on allergens, pesticides, GM crops, harvesting and storage practices and sustainable production. Our multi-tank, 140-000-litre rotation system allows for continuous, 24-hour pressing in fully-accredited facilities, while our four filtration systems filter all of our oil down to one micron of purity, a level far beyond the industry’s minimum quality standards.

The oil is then supplied to our two bottling lines, which are capable of filling more than 1,800 bottles per hour when combined – that’s more than 15 million bottles a year – with automated labelling, capping and packing all built in. Our capacity is set to grow even further by 2016, when we will be able to produce 6 million litres of oil and fill 2,200 bottles per hour.

The benefits of cold pressed oils?

The cold pressed oil industry is growing at a rapid pace, as more consumers discover the benefits of adding cold pressed food oils to their diets. The purity and versatility of our cold pressed oils far exceed other cooking oils, making them a healthier alternative to many. We produce more than four million litres of cold pressed oil every year from seed that meets all industry standards on allergens, pesticides, GM crops and sustainable production.